We are a movement of students who want to learn how to develop and deepen a personal relationship with God and who want to leave a spiritual legacy for Christ in our fraternities and sororities.

We serve the Greek community by offering resources on leadership and spiritual growth. We provide mentoring and discipleship, conferences, retreats and bible studies.


Greek Wide Kick Off Wednesday Sept 13

Spread the word and invite your friends. Thursday Sept 9: Worship Night hosted by Panhellenic (Music by Raider Church, Speaker: Trace Hunt with Greek Wide by Cru.) Wednesday Sept 13 Kicks Off Greek Wide Bible Study The Greek Wide Bible Study will be meeting on Greek Circle – Wednesday Nights at 7:00PM. calendar for Fall […]

Sorority Recruitment Devotional

Dear Potential New Member, Welcome to Texas Tech! This upcoming week will be one of great fun and excitement and probably some anxiety as well. My hope is to encourage you as you participate in recruitment and as you transition to college. Greek Wide exists as a resource for you while you are here at […]

Are You A Fraternity Man?

“As a man you can do many things on your own, but growing in Christ is not one of them.” The best way to find out where someone is spiritually is to ask. The same goes for fraternities. Ask.