Are You A Fraternity Man?

“As a man you can do many things on your own, but growing in Christ is not one of them.”

The best way to find out where someone is spiritually is to ask.

The same goes for fraternities.



3 fraternities: KA, Phi Delt and Fiji Host, Non-Alcoholic Event

Dan Dillard

Dan Dillard

Last spring, GREEK WIDE hosted an event based on the popular Benjamin Franklin quote, “Beer is Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” … A bit edgy but very effective at intriguing the Greek Community.

It was a huge success. Around 150 students came out to eat fajitas and hear about the Ultimate Proof of God’s love for us. Dan Dillard, our guest speaker, shared his story of falling into drug and alcohol abuse and eventually into dealing drugs out of his own fraternity. He left a legacy of destruction, but by the grace of God, Jesus intervened in Dan’s life. Dan is not only a Christian, he is now working with Greek Wide at Texas A&M and having a huge impact on. He has a powerful story and that’s why we flew him in.